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Pro Pool Inspection - Pool Safety Drain Kit

drainkitpropoolAquaCal introduces the new Drain Safety Test Kit. Pool inspections are a growing opportunity for pool and spa service and construction companies. Everyone at AquaCal believes that safety should be the foundation for every visit to the customer's backyard or job site, which is why we are releasing the Pro Pool Inspection line. The first test kit of the series makes it extremely easy for you, or your staff, to assess the system's performance.


Visit www.propoolinspections.com for more information.


Here is what is included in each kit:

  • Two High-Quality Total Dynamic Head Gauges - one low range (0-25 Ft H2O & 0-100 Ft H2O)
  • The necessary tubing and fittings to hook to any pump
  • A set of easy to read Pump Curves from all the major Pump Manufacturers - no more catalogs or copies!
  • A water proof log book - to register and make permanent record every pool drain inspection
  • All relevant communications from the U.S. CPSC on Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act
  • A copy of the newly revised ANSI/APSP-7 Suction Entrapment Checklist
  • Quick - Look Installation Instructions
  • A 2 Gb Thumb drive with video presentations on: Suction Entrapment Overview, Basic Hydraulics & Pump Curves, and Introduction to All relevant ASME/ASTM/ANSI standards
  • A quick start Employee Training Overview - including proper use, reading pump curves, and filling out the log sheet
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