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Converted from Bromine to a DIG/ST combo system:

"I love the [AutoPilot] system and would never be able to go back. The pool is cleaner, the DE filter works better, the water is crystal clear, softer, no smell, no taste. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

Bill Grimes
Lake Ranch Resort
Holland, MI


Ron Coulter - Owner of Clearwater Pools in Naples, FL


Randolph Park Waterpark, Pulaski County, VA, Commercial Installation
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"What Customers Need To Know About Maintaining Salt Chlorine Pools"- AQUA Magazine Article by Karen Erstad

PDF Version of Article


I write unsolicited to express my sincere gratitude for my AutoPilot SC-60. I just completed my first Arizona Summer with my new Pool Pilot and I couldn't be more pleased and impressed. The only adjustment I had to make from winter to summer was adjusting the pump "ON" time from 8 hours to 12 hours. That is all it took for the unit to keep up with the high AZ temps... and this summer was BRUTAL!

The unit is amazing and I love the soft feel on my skin and the best part... I can swim with my contact lenses on! The water is so clear. No irritation, No sticky feel when getting out of the water. It's Awesome!! In fact, we have a chlorine spa next to the pool. When we get out of the spa, we "rinse-off" in the pool! I chose the AutoPilot because of its self maintaining features which work great! The unit was easy to install too. The only drawback is the opaque cell casing prevents you from seeing the cell. But, no matter, with the self-diagnosing system, you don't need it. I give the Pool Pilot an A+.

Alan Robinson
Pheonix, AZ

Just a short note to "Thank You" for developing and marketing the AutoPilot. We purchased a swimming pool this summer and after reading the brochure on the AutoPilot, decided to use this for our pool. I can't begin to tell you how much we enjoy using the pool, especially since there are no chemical smells.

During the summer, after the pool was finished, we hosted a neighborhood pool, pot-luck and barbeque party. We invited several of the neighbors to come over to swim and eat. During this get-together, we learned that some friends of ours were also planning to get a pool. They had already gone "into contract" but had decided not to purchase the AutoPilot. After their son who is asthmatic swam in our pool, he did not become ill (chemicals cause him to have an asthma attack). They asked us what the difference was we told them about the AutoPilot.

Renne Atkerson
Albuquerque, NM

I'm impressed with the AutoPilot system I installed in my pool. I've kept a daily log as to chemical changes and daily temperatures. Your system passes on all fronts; especially with the temperatures we've been experiencing lately. For the past two weeks, our temp has been over 100, averaging between 108 and 113, with humidity levels at 20%. I noticed one day last week a "0" amount of chlorine residual.

A simple adjustment of the stabilizer level brought it back to "2" in 12 hours. This system is so simple; I feel that it is ideal for the working family. Now that I have an understanding of the system, I can promote sales and be able to answer most of the questions I expect.

Jim Walters
Hays, KS

I've had the system working for this entire summer with a lot of hot days, pool parties and some pretty severe storms - it's kept my pool water constantly / consistently clean and worry free. We had a very hot summer and my pool area gets a lot of sunshine (which also keeps the pool water warm) and with AutoPilot it was 'hands off.' There is no shocking or constant tweaking of the chemicals - which can get very expensive, time consuming and can cause pool down time (just when you want to use it!).

Jeff Wood
Marietta, GA

Thanks for recommending the AutoPilot Sanitizing System for my home pool. I was a little hesitant at first, but after seeing and feeling the difference, I am amazed. The process by which the AutoPilot systems works feels much better to my hair, eyes and body as opposed to traditional chlorine. And my pool has never looked better - no algae or build up of any kind.

Ron Picou
Pompano Beach, FL

Just wanted you to know that I am very pleased with your system. Could not be better. Our water is pristine, and your system works beautiful.

Dolores Naroff
Jupiter, FL

We are thrilled after just one season! It is easy to use and the water quality is simple to maintain. Since the system produces chlorine naturally, the water stays right at a perfect 7.6 pH and stays balanced. We added a total of $34.00 worth of chemicals the entire summer. Based on our previous summer's experience your AutoPilot System will pay for itself in just a couple of years in chemical savings alone.

Dave Kabakoff
Marietta, GA

We have just completed our second summer of enjoying the pool. I can honestly say our pool is not only the envy of the neighborhood; our guests are increasingly inquisitive as to how it continuously looks so good.

Armand A. Vari
Atlanta, GA

I have owned a pool for 15 years, and haven't seen maintenance free as much as I am seeing now.

Morgan Wolfe
Houma, LA

I wanted to share with you how much we have enjoyed our pool this summer. We are impressed with the AutoPilot soft water purification system, eliminating the chlorine odor and red eyes. The pool is beautiful!

Sue Klein
Escondido, CA

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