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Troubleshooting Steps

My unit does not seem to be producing chlorine...

1) What is your chlorine level?

  • a) If zero, go to next question
  • b) If above zero, did you add chlorine manually?
    • If yes, wait a week then retest without manually adding chlorine.
    • If no, your system is working properly.

2) Is your salt between 3,000-3,500 ppm?

3) Is stabilizer between 60-80 ppm (Total Control 30-50 ppm)?

What is stabilizer/Cyanuric Acid?

4) What is the pump run time?

5) What output percentage are you operating at?

  • a) If lower than 70%, increase percentage.
  • b) If higher than 70%, increase power level.

6) What power level are you operating at?

If all answers are ideal and you are still having problems, call Customer Support to schedule a service call.


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